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There's No Such Thing as Normal

Life would be pretty dull if everyone loved the same flavor of ice-cream, drove the same make of car and wore the same style of clothing. There is some truth in the cliché about variety being the spice of life. Yet, there are times when everyone wishes they could be like everyone else — that they could fit in. Rather than celebrating their uniqueness and individuality, people occasionally feel as though there is something wrong with them — that they are not normal. At College, Career & Life, we operate on the principle that there is no normal — there is only that which makes people feel connected.

Relocating, losing a job or a significant relationship, balancing work and family, trying to make ends meet, retiring, marrying or battling addiction are all events that can make people feel disconnected. Our mission is to support people through these struggles so that they can reconnect with their families, jobs and communities.

Acknowledging and treating that feeling of disconnectedness takes courage and commitment. For those who are ready to begin that journey, we provide the following confidential assistance:

The only thing that is normal is sometimes feeling like you are not normal. If you would like to explore those feelings or just need to hear that you are not crazy, send us an email to arrange a session with one of our counselors.